Welcome to the SPAZ LLC web site, your personalized and premier Florida Security Training partner.  SPAZ provide training in multiple disciplines for the professional security business anywhere from instruction for your Florida Security Officer class D un-armed and class G armed certification, CPR/AED and other courses all the way up to elite bodyguard and other operative training.

We are different form the larger schools as we provide very personal hands-on training that you will not find anywhere else.  Our business is made up of experienced professionals that have been friends and we consider all of us family for 20 plus years; and take our job very seriously.

We welcome you to check out SPAZ for all your training needs.  If you have any questions, no matter big or small please refer to our contact page for more information.

Having served Florida training as a team, we will provide you with what you need; whether you are just getting started in the security field, or a seasoned professional.  SPAZ is a family and brother run business, not a corporate entity and you will see the difference in the training you receive.

We also have a Facebook page where you can find out more about current classes, schedules, pictures and recent goings on at SPAZ.  Just look up/search ‘SPAZ, LLC’ on Facebook like us.

Thank you for choosing SPAZ LLC as your security training solution partner, and stay safe out there.

As always: Train to Live, Live to Train

We differ from other facilities – we give personal HANDS ON training and will teach not only for what you need, but to survive.